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Dr. Derek King, Holistic Chiropractor

Here at FINDING THE CAUSE Chiropractic we use the B.E.S.T. treatment method which promotes is holistic approach to whole body balance and healing.  To read more about this method see the B.E.S.T. section.  If you are a first time patient don't forget to read the "Your first Visit" section. 

I have been helping people to heal themselves for 30 years now and it really is incredible to uncover the actual CAUSE of someone's chronic condition (even when standard medical approaches have no clue) and then watch them get their strength, hope and energy back quickly !

I only work by referral and run a unique specialty practice, so you must call or email the number at the bottom of this page to see if you qualify. I will answer your questions personally, and I very much look forward to helping you get back into "Healing Mode."

The Body Never Lies

Bioknowledgability.  What the heck is "Bioknowledgability"?? Great question.  I first heard it uttered by a doctor I very much respect named Bruce Lipton. I quickly jotted it down and then Googled it. It doesn't really exist; so, I am coining it as my new favorite term.  It describes the ability of the body/ mind to actually "know" and tell us about its life.  In chiropractic we have called it Innate Intelligence. We could call it subconscious wisdom, universal truth, Holy Spirit, soul, or even the Spirit of Truth.  But the fact is, your brain and body know more about you than any doctor or therapist ever will!  With B.E.S.T. and applied kinesiology we can access and utilize this life-knowledge to help find the cause of your troubles.
Medicine now wants to inject chemicals and drugs into people's brains to ERASE their bad memories! YUCK  Yes, in the newspaper just last week was a scary article on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) saying they had found the protein link in the amygdala portion of the brain that forms with fear to hard-wire in bad memories. Of course they just want to use a needle and a patentable drug to zap it gone. SCARY  We can make peace, neutralize, forgive and re-boot the bad memory WITHOUT all that! Your body will not lie. It knows what your problems are and it will tell us and point us in the right direction to HELP in the healing process without drug manipulation.


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